Kieran Kelly

Kieran Kelly
AKANosy kelly
DOB16 Mar 1930
Kill Total9 - 15 ?
Kill PlaceLondon
Kill Date1953 - 1983
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Kelly, originally from Ireland, came to the UK in 1953. He was a small man, with what was described as an overly large nose, this gave him the nickname 'Nosy Kelly'.
His first murder in London may well have been his Friend Christy Smith. The two were good friends and had travelled to the UK together for a bit of drinking and petty theft during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11. But, when best friend Christy made a joke about Kelly maybe being gay, by saying "it's about time you got married" Kelly pushed him under a tube train at Baker Street station. Kelly was scared of his homosexual preferences becoming public.
In police interviews in 1983 Kelly stated, "this was the one that started it all".
Over the coming years it is suggested that he pushed many people in front of trains. When questioned by police in 1983, he was able to give details of train deaths that had previously not been released to the public.

1969, Kelly was caught after commiting an armed burglary, he weas sent to the Old Bailey, found guilty and served two years in Broadmoor secure hospital, being released in 1971.

25th December 1975, Kelly's first identified victim by police at the time, was elderly Hector Fisher, he was found in a Clapham churchyard on Christmas Day, stabbed repeatedly about the head and neck. Last seen alive on Christmas Eve, Fisher had been loitering with several men dressed up as "Father Christmas." police grilled a dozen suspects in the case including Kieran Kelly, but they found no evidence that would support a murder charge.

31st May 1977, Edward Toll was sleeping on a gravestone that Kelly like to sleep on, he took some rope that he was using as a belt, and strangled Toal.

2nd June 1977, 68-year-old Maurice Weighly was found dead in Soho, his face and genitals had been mutilated. The neck of a broken bottle had been thrust up his rectum. Police found Kelly and another tramp in the neighbourhood, with bloodstains on their clothing, Kelly was charged with the murder.

his companion, described the crime in grisly detail. Six months passed before the trial, and Kelly was acquitted after his barrister branded the state's key witness an alcoholic, "blind drunk" at the time of the murder. The witness subsequently vanished and was never seen again. (Kelly later admitted to this murder in 1983).

May 1983, an elderly man was pushed onto the tracks at London's Kensington Station, only saved when the driver managed to stop the train in time. Witnesses identified Kelly as the attacker, prompting his arrest on charges of attempted murder,
At his trial the jury failed to reach a verdict, Kelly was acquitted.

August 1982, Mickey Dunn was a fellow alcoholic, homeless, both men would often sleep in the Graveyard in Tooting. Dunn had also previously given evidence against Kelly in a previous murder trial. One night Kelly mixed up some surgical spirit, a favoured drink, with some amphetamine, some other drugs he had stolen from a chemist and orange juice. He gave this to Dunn, who after a while fell asleep. Dunn died a few days later, and possibly of natural causes. Kelly was never brought to justice over this, in fact the first the police knew of Kelly's involvement was when he confessed in 1983.

4th August 1983, Kelly was arrested for robbery and being drunk in public. Locked in a police cell overnight he was angry about having to share his cell. He crushed the skull of  William Boyd, finishing him off with a garrotte made from his socks and shoelaces.

Kelly confessed to five other murders.  not including Boyd. He admitted killing Hector Fisher and Maurice Weighly, Other victims included the missing witness from his first murder trial, and an elderly tramp, pushed beneath a train days after the Kensington Station attack.
Authorities confirmed a fatal "accident" at Oval Station on the date in question, but they had no firm corroborating evidence.

June 1984, At the Old Bailey in London, Kelly was was found guilty of the murders of William Boyd and Hector Fisher.
Kelly was sentenced to life imprisonment.  At his trial at the old Bailey a psychologist suggested that it would probably never be safe to release Kelly from prison and that he should spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. At first he was sent to Wandsworth Prison then later transferred to Wakefield prison.

2001, Kelly died in HMP Durham prison

2016, A former police offier Geoff Platt, who allegedly worked on Kelly's cases, and met Kelly many times, published his own book 'The London Underground Serial Killer'. Platt claims Kelly killed at least 31-people.
The book claims that the Home Office had told police to keep it quiet as they did not want mass public attention, that a serial killer had been loose on London Underground for 30-years. During his research, Platt, after talking to Kelly, investigated supposed suicides on the underground, he discovered that in many cases, using witness reports, that the person committing suicide had been seen talking to a small Irishman moments before they jumped in front of the train. Much of what Platt wrote has since been discredited.
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2019, After these revelations broadcaster and researcher Robert Mulhern researched and published "The Secret Serial Killer: The True Story of Kieran Kelly", in this book it is claimed that Kelly killed at least 16 people.
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Kieran Kelly Victims

Christy Smith - 1953 - Admitted - Not charged charged
Hector Fisher - 1975 - Admitted - Charged
Maurice Weighly - 1977 - Admitted - Acquitted
Edward Toal
Mickey Dunn - 1983 - Admitted not charged
William Boyd - 1983 - Admitted - Charged