Psychology, Criminology & Criminal Psychology

Over the years i have taken a BSc Psychology, an MA Criminolgy, and an MSc Forensic Psychology.
The following are academic essays.
Copy at your own risk, be aware of plagiarism, as some are published.
Some omissions are made.

Crime & Personality (BSc Psychology)
Examining Eyesenk theory of criminality - Crime & Personality

Offender Profiling (MA Criminology)
Looking at the science of offender profiling - Offender Profiling

Is jury Trial a lottery (Criminology diploma)
Examining jury trials - Jury Trial

Police Discretion (Criminology diploma)
How do the police use discretion, can it be controlled? Police Discretion

Criminal Careers (Criminology certificate)
Are there career criminals, what factors control this? - Criminal Careers

Black Justice (Criminolgy certificate)
Howe are black people treated differently in the justice system? - Black People in the justice system