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Bible John

Bible John


3 victims between February 1968 and October 1969. Bible John, so called because, according to the sister of one of his victims, he always was reciting bits from the bible, with specific stories about Moses. Described as a six foot very handsome man with well kept short red hair, he disappeared as quickly as he came. The murders all seemed pointless, none were sexually assaulted, and strangely all were menstruating at the time they were killed. Scottish police have no evidence at all, and even now some 30 years on there is still no clue as to the identity of one of Glasgow's more forgotten sons. All three victims were found lying in door ways or corridors, one was found naked, one half clothed and the other fully clothed, none had been interfered with, and all had been strangled, and probably kicked and punched in the face, maybe after death. All three victims had been spending an evening at the Barrowland Ballroom.


Monday 17th October 2000

A NEW team of detectives are to examine new information in the hunt for Bible John.

Police officers involved in the original hunt for Scotland's most notorious serial killer, who terrorised Glasgow in the late 1960s, will be part of the Strathclyde Police unit.

They will work with younger detectives to look at details of a new suspect, whose existence was revealed at the weekend by The Scotsman, as well as other potential leads.

The information, which came from a member of the man's extended family, was passed to police by Ian Stephen, a leading criminal psychologist who has worked on the Bible John case.

See the Peter Tobin page, it is believed that he may well be the previously unknown Bible john.