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Crimes committed with the use of fake identification documents

Fake identity documents are often used in various criminal acts. These involve mostly financial crimes and mortgage crimes where there is a need to impersonate someone's identity. Fake IDs are sold on darknet markets for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. There is a whole branch of organized cybercrime which specializes in falsifying government issued IDs from all countries all over the world. The price of such fakes varies significantly depending on their quality. Such black market places are accessible with specialized Tor browser which allows to conceal digital traces. However recently fake ID vendors made it to clearnet, selling their produce in the broad daylight. For example, King Of Fakes official website claims to sell IDs that are as good as real.





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A mass murderer or spree killer is a killer who kills several victims in a short period of time. (Whereas a serial killers kills over a longer period of time)




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