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Crimes committed with the use of fake identification documents

Fake identity documents are often used in various criminal acts. These involve mostly financial crimes and mortgage crimes where there is a need to impersonate someone's identity. Fake IDs are sold on darknet markets for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. There is a whole branch of organized cybercrime which specializes in falsifying government issued IDs from all countries all over the world. The price of such fakes varies significantly depending on their quality. Such black market places are accessible with specialized Tor browser which allows to conceal digital traces. However recently fake ID vendors made it to clearnet, selling their produce in the broad daylight. For example, King Of Fakes official website claims to sell IDs that are as good as real.





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this section covers those that have killed only once or twice

We have on average over 750 murders every year in the UK, it is not possible   for us to feature them all. We highlight those most horrible of crimes and those that receive huge public attention, or have a level of intrigue. 

If there is a case you want to see here please let us know Here.  (Listed in alphabetic order.)

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James Achew 1929 Sybil Da Costa
Michael Adebalajo & Michael Adebowale 2013 Lee Rigby
Sodiq Adeojo 2010 Sylvester Akapalar
Lydia Adler 1744 Husband - Adler
Edward Akester 2006 Lynn Barwick
Margaret Allen 1948 Nancy Chadwick
Michael Alleyne 2008 Ben Kinsella
Paul Allison 1994 Allison Stroud, Joan Douglas
Sarah Anderson 2008 Dee Willis
Tracie Andrews 1996 Fiancé - Lee Harvey
Lee Anstice 2011 Wife - Tracy Anstiice
Suvhan Anwar 2008 Sanam Navsarka
Herbert Armstrong 1922 Wife - Katherine Armstrong
Stephen Ayre 1989 Irene Hudson
Charles Backhouse 1900 PC. John Kew
Graham Backhouse 1984 Colyn Bedale-Taylor
Darrell Bacon 2007 Tracey Jane Buckland
Lee Barnes 2011 Chris Clowers
Ireneusz Bartnowski 2011

Guiseppe Massaro & Caterina Massaro

Michael Barton 2005 Anthony Walker
Tyron Bates 2007 Stella Gleadall
David Baxendale 2001 & 2010 Sarah Thomas
Raymond Baxter 1970 Ivy Virgin
Darryl Bennett 2007 Stephen Green
James Bergin 1900 Margaret Morrison
Harold Berry 1946 Bernard Phillips
David Bieber 2004 PC Ian Broadhurst
Eric Bikubi 2010 Kristy Bamu
Jan Michal Bliniewicz 2011 Wife - Monika Biliniewicz
Karl Bishop 2008 Rob Knox
Charles Blewitt 1900 Wife - Mary Ann Blewitt
Jason Bolton 2007 Asaf Mahmood Ahmed
Stephen Bonallie 2007 Brent Martin
Christopher Bowyer 2008 Mary Bennett
Jade Braithwaite 2008 Ben Kinsella
Mark Bridger 2012 April Jones
April Bright 2007 Mohammed Muse Nassan
Paul Bristol 2009 Camille Mathurasingh
Stefano Brizzi 2016 PC Gordon Semple
William Burrett 1900 Wife - Ada Burrett
Bentley & Craig 1952 Sidney Miles
Craig Bidgway 2007 Wife - Danielle Bidgway
John Bowes 1900 Wife - Isabella
Frederick Browne 1927 PC George Gutteridge
Triston Burke 2008 Oliver Kingonzila
Tony Bushby 2011 Katie Wynter
James Camb 1947 Gay Gibson
Mark Cameron 1986 Douglas Latter
John Cannan 1987 Shirley Banks
Ronald Castree 1975 Lesley Molseed
Victor Castigador 1989 2 Unnamed victims
Peter Chapman 2009 Ashleigh Hall
Ada Chard-Williams 1899 Selina Jones
Alan Charlton 1981 Karen Price
Joseph Chin 2007 Martin Dinnegan
Marc Chivers 2008 Maria Stubbings
James Citro 1998 Nijole Siskeviciene
Kevin Kegan Corke 2007 Tommy Harrisson
William Corder 1827 Maria Marten
Andrew Cole 1996 Fiona Ovis, William Crompton
David Cook 1987 & 2011 Beryl Maynard & Leonard Hill
Anthony Costa 2008 Steven Bigby
Graham Couts 2003 Jane Longhurst
Stuart Crawford 2008 Michael Ryan
Dr. Crippen 1910 Wife - Cora Crippen
Paul Culshaw 2004 Clare Benson-Jowry
Jordan Cunliffe 2007 Gary newlove
Robert Cunningham 2008 Brandon Muir
John D'Arcy 1879 William Metcalfe
Derek Dale 2004 Paul Geddes
Duaine Daniels 2000 George Napier
Adam Davies 2004 Saif Mahmood
Gareth Davies 2007 Egeli Rasta
Andrew Dawson 1982 & 2010 Henry Walsh John Matthews Paul Hancock
Viktors Dembrovskis 2005 Jeshma Raithatha
Darrell Desuze 2011 Richard Bowes
Stephen Devesey 2011 Nicole Cartmell
Glyn Dix 2004 Wife - Hazel & Pia Overbury
Mark Dixie 2005 Sally Ann Bowman
Michael Downs 1978 & 1988

Kate Weaver & Gabrielle Morris

Graeme Duncan 2008 Ross Davidson
Amelia Dyer 1896 Doris Marmon
Mark Edmonds 1984 Cicely Browne, Khadine Browne
Christiana Edmunds 1871 Sidney Banker
David Edwards 1993 Daughter Charlene Turvey & Marina Turvey
Alan Entwistle 2009 Claire Atkinson
Anthony Entwistle 1978 Michelle Calvy
Kobina Essel 2008 Jamie Simpson
Colin Evans 1983 Marie Payne
David Evans 1988 Anna Humphries
Miles Evans 1997 Step-Daughter - Zoe Evans
Nigel Farmer 2008 Laurent Bonomo &Gabriel Ferez
Mark & John Farrell 2007 Patrick Friel
Stephen Farrow 2012 Betty Yates & John Suddards
Jake Fahri 2008 Jimmy Mizen
Martin Forshaw 2009 Claire Howarth
Peter Foster 2011 Partner - Heather Cooper
Peter Foster 1989/2002 Linda Grimm,  Linda Wardill
Damien Fowkes 2011 Colin Hatch
Sydney Fox 1929 his Mother
Robert France 1983 Gillian Atkins
Leon Fyle 1983 Destiny Lauren












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