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Beverly Gail Allitt


Killer Nurse

Angel of Death


4 October 1968
Kill Total: 4

Kill date:

 Feb 1991 - Apr 1991

Kill Place:







Liam Taylor - 7 weeks

Tim Hardwick - 11

Becky Phillips - 2 mo

Claire Peck - 15 mo




Nottingham Crown Court














Beverly Allitt was a nurse suffering from the mental health illness known as Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy (a desire to kill or injure to get attention).

21st February 1991, Liam Taylor was just 7 weeks old when he was admitted to the ward for a chest infection and was murdered by Allitt.


5th March 1991, 11 year old Timothy Hardwick, had cerebral palsy he was admitted to the ward after having an epileptic seizure. He was murdered.


8th March 1991, Kayley Desmond aged only 1 years old,  was admitted to the ward for a chest infection. Allitt attempted to murder her, but the child was resuscitated and transferred to another hospital, where she recovered.


20th March 1991, Paul Crampton, was 5 months old when he was admitted to the ward for a chest infection Allitt attempted to murder him with an insulin overdose on three separate occasions that day, before he was transferred to another hospital, where he recovered.


21st March 1991, Bradley Gibson, 5 years old was admitted to the ward for pneumonia. He suffered two cardiac arrests, due to Allitt administering insulin overdoses, before he was transferred to another hospital, where he recovered.


21st March 1991, Yik Hung Chan, was just 2 years old when he was admitted to the ward following a fall. . He suffered an oxygen desideration attack before he was transferred to another hospital, where he made full recovery.


1st April 1991, Becky Phillips, was 2 months old when she was admitted to the ward for gastroenteritis. She was administered an insulin overdose by Allitt and died at home two days later.


Katie Phillips, aged 2 months, Becky's twin sister, was admitted to the ward as a precaution following the death of her sister.

She had to be resuscitated twice after unexplained apnoeic episodes (which were later found to be due to insulin and potassium overdoses).

Following the second time that she stopped breathing, she was transferred to another hospital but, by this time, had suffered permanent brain damage, partial paralysis and partial blindness due to oxygen deprivation.

Her parents had been so grateful for Allitt's care of Becky that they had asked her to be Katie's godmother.


22nd April 1991, Claire Peck, just 15 months old, was admitted to the ward following an asthma attack. After being put on a ventilator, she was left alone in Allitt's care, she had a cardiac arrest. She was resuscitated but died after a second cardiac arrest, again following a period when she was left alone with Allitt.


After the death of Claire Peck, staff on the ward were suspicious, police were called in, and it was found that Nurse Allitt was on duty the day of all the deaths.


Over a 59 day periods, Allitt had attacked 13 children and killed 3 of them.


November 1991, she was charged with murdering 4 children, she was also charged with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm.


Friday 28th May 1993, She was given 13 life sentences at Nottingham crown court after being convicted of murdering four children and attacking nine others. Her arrest followed an investigation into several incidents of alleged tampering with patients' ventilators and pumps delivering intravenous medication at various hospitals in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

The 'killer Nurse' is now detained in Rampton Maximum Security Hospital for the criminally insane. It is unlikely that she will ever get out, but if she does relatives of the dead children have promised to kill her. Public reaction to the case was particularly hostile, as, being a nurse, she was obviously in a position of trust and in charge of caring for children. Although no further investigations are ongoing, it is not known if Allitt had killed more of her patients in the past.

1999 Katie Phillips, was awarded 2.25 million, by Lincolnshire Health Authority, to pay for treatment and equipment for the rest of her life. Lincolnshire Health Authority did not accept liability, but did acknowledge that Katie was entitled to compensation.

Beverly Allitt, has had her minimum prison tariff fixed at 30 years.
The High Court ruled that Allitt, dubbed the "Angel of Death", would serve 30 years, as recommended by her trial judge and the Lord Chief Justice
The judge fixed her minimum term at 28 years and 175 days - which represents 30 years, less the one year and 190 days spent in custody before sentence.
Although the trial judge had originally recommended a 30-year minimum, which the then Lord Chief Justice had agreed with, none of the Home Secretaries have since determined the minimum to be served and, under new rules, that task is now carried out by a High Court judge.





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