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Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Aberdeen
Kill date: December  2007 Victim(s): Laura Milne
Date of Birth: 1986 Marital Status:
AKA: Occupation:


19th December 2007 Jack kicked open a bathroom door at a flat on Union Street between 12th and 19th December. He forced Ms Milne from the bathroom, removed some of her clothes and glasses, then repeatedly punched and kicked her, forcing her to the floor, he then stamped on her head and body, and repeatedly struck her on the head and body with a knife. He then tried to conceal the crime by destroying evidence, by cutting off her ear and attempting to cut off her head, legs and breast, then wrapping and binding the body with a plastic bin bag, curtain, bedding, sticky tape and dressing gown cords and trying to hide it in the loft space of the flat before hiding it in a cupboard. Co-defendants Buchan and Mackinnon also admitted trying to hide the victim.

Tuesday 8th July 2008, At Trial Stuart Jack admitted murder.
Co-accused Debbie Buchan, 19, and Leigh Mackinnon, 18, both admitted attempted murder, at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Thursday 31st July 2008, Jack was jailed for a minimum of 18 years. Jack also admitted attempting to defeat the ends of justice by trying to cut off Ms Milne's head, legs and breast, cutting off her ear and hiding her body.
Debbie Buchan, received nine years and four months, and Leigh Mackinnon, nine years, for attempted murder.