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Jay O'Neill

Kill Total:


Kill place:

Paisley, Scotland

Kill date:

May 2009


James Alford

Date of Birth:


Marital Status:




May 2009, James Alford was angry that his car had been vandalised, he approached the two men involved who punched him to the floor, they then kicked him in the head and body inflicting severe injury, he died the following day in hospital.


Thursday 23rd September 2009, O'Neil is found guilty of culpable homicide. Scott Milroy was found guilty of assault.


Tuesday 20th  October 2009, O'Neill is sentenced to 8 years, seventeen year old Scott Milroy, was jailed for 38 months after admitting assaulting Mr Alford

It was revealed after the trial that he is leader of a vicious gang, and has a string of convictions, and is linked to many other crimes. He was in fact c-accused in a previous serious assault only weeks before the murder.



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