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Ian Stewart




Kill Total:

1 ?

Kill date:

April 2016

Kill Place:

Royston, Hertfordshire




Software Engineer
Victim: Helen Bailey






St Albans Crown
Case No:  


Andrew Bright QC


Stuart Trimmer QC


Simon Flint QC


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Helen Bailey was a very successful children's author.

She became well-established after writing the first of five books in the Crazy World of Electra Brown series in 2008, a set of books aimer at teenagers.
She was nominated for a “Queen of Teen” award in 2010.
In total she had 22 books of short stories, picture books and young-adult fiction published.


2013, Ian Stewart and Helen Bailey met through a group on Facebook, a group for bereaved people looking for help, support, and friendship.

Helen's husband of fifteen years, John Sinfield, had died when he drowned while on a family holiday in Barbados in February 2011.

Stewarts wife allegedly died from an epileptic seizure in the back garden of the family home in June 2010.

Stewart bombarded Helen with attention.


2014, A year later they brought a huge £1.5 million mansion together. in Royston, Hertfordshire, most of the money for the house coming from her.

Stewart and his two adult sons moved in.

They were planning a wedding, and sought legal advise to sort out their financial affairs in the event of the death of either of them.

On her death, he would benefit to the sum of at least £1.8m in addition to the proceeds of the main Royston house and a second home in Broadstairs, Kent.


11th April 2016, Stewart was playing a 'Long Game', and had been giving Ms Bailey sleeping pills for several months, it was later discovered that she had typed "Why do I keep falling asleep" into Goggle.

Stewart then suffocated Helen, and then killed the family dog, he then dumped both in the cesspit beneath the garage.

At some point before reporting her missing, Stewart attempted to amend a monthly standing order from Ms Bailey's bank account into his own from £600 to £4,000. a month.


11th April 2016, Helen last seen in public, walking her dog Boris, a pedigree Dachshund.


15th April 2016,Ian Stewart reports his partner, Helen Bailey missing from their home in Royston Hertfordshire.


Police arrested and questioned Stewart who gave conflicting and confusing stories.


15th July 2016, Police then secured a search warrant for the Hertfordshire mansion. Under the garage they discovered the body of Helen Bailey, and her pet dog, Boris, in the cesspit.

Stewart had previously attempted to hide the entrance to the pit, which was in the garage, by parking his car over the cover.


Tuesday 10th January 2017, Trial begins at St Albans Crown Court.

As well as murder Ian Stewart also faced charges of fraud, preventing lawful burial and perverting the course of justice. Stewart denied all charges.

During the trial Stewart claimed that Helen was killed by two men, known as Joe and Nick, who were ex business associates of Helen's now dead husband, they were trying to blackmail him and had kidnapped Helen.

The prosecution found two neighbours with the exact name, and suggested Stewart had invented two people, and used neighbours as a way of remembering his lies.

Home Office pathologist Dr Nat Cary told the jury that it was entirely possible that Helen Bailey was still alive when she was thrown into the cesspit full of “human excrement”, although, she was probably unconscious.


Wednesday 22nd February 2017, At St. Albans crown court, in court room number one, Stewart is found guilty, the jury took just over six hours to return a unanimous  guilty verdict.

Stewart was also found guilty of fraud, preventing a lawful burial and three counts of perverting the course of justice.


Police have announced they we investigate again the death of Stewarts wife in 2010.


Thursday 23rd February 2017, Sentenced to life, with a minimum of 34 years in prison. Stewart refused to leave his cell for the sentencing./

Judge Andrew Bright said "I am firmly of the view that you currently pose a real danger to women with whom you form a relationship."

Andrew Bright QC added "Whilst we will never know whether you may have had some additional motive for killing the woman who loved you and wanted to be your wife, I am in no doubt this is a clear case of a murder done in the expectation of gain with aggravating features which make it difficult to imagine a more heinous crime."



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