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Gordon Park







Kill Total: 1 Kill place:
Kill date: July 1976 Victim(s): Wife - Carol Park
Date of Birth: 1944 Marital Status: Married



Retired Teacher


Gordon Park killed his wife, then dumped her body in a lake in 1976.
He battered his wife Carol to death with an ice axe and dumped her weighted body in Coniston Water in July 1976.
Mrs Park had embarked on affairs and left home twice to live with lovers.
Mr Park had told the jury at his trial in 2005 that "he loved his wife and would never have harmed her".
He claimed he had taken their children on a trip to Blackpool on the day his wife vanished. Mrs Park went missing on 17th July 1976, from her home in Leece on the outskirts of Barrow in Cumbria.
A post-mortem examination in 1997 showed that Mrs Park's skull had been attacked and "her face had been shattered by a number of blows".
After delivering the fatal blows, Park had carefully wrapped up his wife's body for disposal.
It was trussed up in the foetal position indicating it had been done within four hours of death and before rigor mortis had settled in.
There had been a "meticulous" use of knots, which implicated Park, who was a climber and sailor with an "unusual interest" in knots.
Mrs Park was discovered wearing a nightdress, 75ft down at the bottom of the lake in 1997 by amateur divers, and brought to the surface by police divers on 13th August 1997. Gordon Park was initially arrested in 1997 but was released due to lack of evidence, and then re-arrested in 2004.

29th January 2005 a jury at Manchester Crown court found him guilty, after dismissing his not guilty plea. 
Gordon Park was sentenced to life in prison.

Monday 25th January 2010, ,Park was found dead in his prison cell at HMP Garth, Leyland, in Lancashire he committed suicide.

A Prison Service spokesman said Park was found unconscious in his cell at 8am.
He said: "Staff and paramedics attended but Mr Park was pronounced dead at 9.40am."



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