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Kill Total: 1 Kill place: Penley Clwyd, North Wales
Kill date: November 1988 Victim(s): Anna Humphries
Date of Birth: Marital Status: Married
AKA: Occupation:

Evans was a violent man who was known to police, this was a sex attack that went badly wrong.

 Whilst struggling with 15 year old Anna Humphries in his car, the car windscreen got smashed. With her body still in the boot, he went to a garage to get a new windscreen fitted. He then drove 40 miles and dumped her body in the river Severn at Hampton Wade. Due to the increasing publicity in her disappearance, Evans then went to France. His mother, knowing of her son's previous violent behaviour and concerned that his disappearance was linked to the disappearance of Anna, informed the police, who publicised his face widely. A lorry driver in France recognised him several days later.

As well as a confession, there were several forensic tests done to prove his guilt. Blood found in his car had the same grouping as Anna's; fibres and a button from her clothes were also found in the car. There were fragments of glass both in the car and on the clothes of Evans, which showed that the windscreen was smashed from the inside whilst he was in it.

Evans was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a recommendation that he serve at least 30 years.