Trimaan 'Harry' Dhillon

Harry Dhillon
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceGateshead
Kill DateOct 2016
VictimAlice Ruggles
CourtNewcastle Crown Court
JudgePaul Sloan QC
ProsecutionRichard Wrighht QC
Case No:T20167679

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Serial Killers
October 2015, After finishing university Alice took a job at Sky after graduating and developed an intense relationship with Trimaan "Harry" Dhillon while he was serving in the army in Afghanistan. they had met on Facebook.
 He bombarded Alice with text messages and phone calls, gave her unwanted gifts, contacted her friends and family and even threatened to kill himself.

August 2016,  Alice split with manipulative Dhillon, after discovering he had been contacting other women on social media and dating apps.
She ended their relationship and reported him to police just weeks before her death.
Even after the relationship ended Dhillon would stalk Alice's flat at night - knocking on her bedroom window and terrifying her.
She contacted police and obtained a PIN (harassment notice) warning, telling him to stay away.
But Dhillon, who was born in India and hoped to join the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, ignored it and sent her a parcel with a pleading note.

12th October 2016, Dhillon drove from Edinburgh to the flat in Gateshead, Tyne-and-wear, climbed through an open window to get into Alices' flat. 
He held her head up and slashed her throat at least six times - cutting through to the spine.
She suffered 24 separate injuries, while Dhillon, who at 6ft 1in and 12st 7lb was almost a foot taller and three stone heavier, suffered no injury at all.

13th October 2016, Dhillon is arrested at his army barracks in Edinburgh.

26th April 2017, At Newcastle Crown court Dhillon was sentences to life with a minimum term of 22-years behind bars.

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