Thomas Mair

Thomas McDowell
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceBristall, Yorkshire
Kill DateJune 2016
M.O.Shooting & Stabbing
VictimJo Cox MP
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeMr Justice Wilkie
ProsceutionWilliam Whitam QC
DefenceSimon  Flint QC
Case No:T20167250
Thursday 16th June 2016, Thomas Mair attacked Labour MP Jo Cox who was campaigning to to stay in the European Union, in the run up to the national vote a week later, on 22nd June.

Mair repeatedly shot and stabbed Jo, he was heard saying  “This is for Britain”, “keep Britain independent”, and “Britain first”, while he carried out the attack.
He shot her twice in the head and once in the chest with a sawn-off .22 hunting rifle before then stabbing her 15 times.
Jo died in the back of an ambulance on her way to hospital.

The police were very quick on the investigation, and Mair was soon a suspect. At his house they found evidence of far right interest, including Nazi paraphernalia.
Wednesday 23td November 2016, Mair was found guilty of murder, possession of a firearm with intent, causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent and possession of an offensive weapon

Mair was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a 'Whole Life Tariff', meaning he will die in jail. He was being held in Belmarsh prison.

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