Subhan Anwar

Daryn Maxwell
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceBradford
Kill Date2008
VictimSanam Navsarka- 2
CourtBradfordCrown Court
JudgePeter Thornton QC
Case No:T20087210      
8th May 2008, Subhan Anwar tortured to death 2-yeasr-old Sanam Navsarka, the baby daughter of his girlfriend. She was found to have had over 107 separate injuries, including broken arms and legs, a metal pole had been used to break her legs.
She died from an embolism, caused by untreated fractures to her legs. On the day of her death Anwar, who was not the childs father, along with the childs mother, Zahbeena Navsarka, had left the toddler alone at home while they went shopping.

When the couple were interviewed by police after Sanam's death, they had blamed each other for injuries to the child, and both claimed to be frightened of the other one.

11th February 2009, Anwar was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to a minimum term of 23-years in prison.

The toddlers mother Zahbeena Navsarka, aged 21, was sentenced to nine years in prison after she was cleared of her daughter's murder but found guilty of Sanam's manslaughter.

February 2013, Lee Newell along with fellow inmate Gary Smith, murdered child killer Subhan Anwar, while being held at HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire.

The pair followed him into his cell at HMP Long-Lartin in Worcestershire,  where with weapons fashioned from a pen and a toothbrush, they attacked him, strangling him with his own pyjamas. They then drank a hot chocolate before letting prison guards into the cell. By the time guards reached him and called medics, Anwar was dead.

23 September 2013, Newell and Smith were ordered to remain behind bars for life, to serve a whole life tariff. See list of prisoners on the Home Office List Here >>