Stephen Nicholson

Stephen Nicholson
OccupationCare Worker
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceSouthampton
Kill Date
VictimLucy McHugh - 13

CourtWinchester Crown Court
JudgeMrs Justice May
ProsceutionWilliam Mousley QC 
DefenceJames Newton-Price QC
Case No:
2009, Nicholson was placed in a childrens home at age 13. 

2010, Nicholson aged-14, was jailed for two years for holding staff and youngsters at a children’s home hostage at knifepoint.

He was  given a further year’s detention when he barricaded himself into the prison canteen at a young offender’s institute with three other inmates and tried to stab a staff member”.

2012, Nicholson sentenced to nine months in prison for sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl. 

May 2017, Stephen Nicholson had been staying at the family home of 12-year-old Lucy McHugh as a lodger. He raped and sexually abused her, and on two further occasions over the following weeks. She had told him she was prergnant, and that she was going to tell others about him.

25th July 2018, Nicholson lured Lucy to woods behind Southampton Sports Centrte raped her and then stabed her 27-times in the neck andd chest area.

Police linked Nicholson to the murder through DNA evidence found on botth his and Lucy’s clothing. He had also tried to cover his tracks by changing clothes and almopst posing in these different clothes in front of CCTV at a Tesco Express shop.

August 2018 Nicholson was jailed for 14 months for refusing to reveal his Facebook password to police investigating Lucy‘s murder.
It meant that detectives had to wait months before the social media company handed over details of communications between Nicholson and the teenage girl.

Thursday 18th July 2019, Nicholson convicted of the murder of Lucy McHugh as well as being found guilty of 3 counts of rape of the 13-year-old.

Sentenced to serve 33-years in prison.