Sabah Khan

Sabah Khan
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceLuton
Kill DateMay 2016
VictimSaima Khan - 34
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeChristopher Moss QC
DefenceJo Sidhu QC
Case No:
2009, Sabah and Saima Khan moved from Holland, and settled in Luton, Bedfordshire, with their parents and two brothers.

2011, an arranged marriage with a man from Pakistan was confirmed for Saima Khan, Hafeez Rehman subsequently came to the UK and moved in with the family.

Sabah Khan had been having a sexual relationship with her sisters husband, Hafeez Rehman, for at least four years. At one stage getting pregnant, and having to have an abortion to keep the affair secret.
They all lived together in the same family home. Sabah was infatuated with Hafeez, so when he and Saima expressed plans to move out, in a fit of jealousy Sabah decided she needed rid of her sister.
Sabah khan Googled how to buy poison online, how to buy a venomous snake, and even paid £5,000 to a Witch Doctor in Pakistan to put a spell on her sister.

Monday 23rd May 2016, Sabah was babysitting her sister’s four children. The rest of the family including Hafeez were all attending a funeral at the local mosque. 
Just after 11pm Sabah Lured her sister Saima back from her work as a care assistant on night shift, to the family home in Overstone Road, in the Challney area of Luton, by telling her via whatsapp messenger that one of the children was crying for their mother, the 4 children were asleep upstairs.  
Sabah then viciously attacked her sister in the hallway of the family home with a knife she’d purchased from a local supermarket, stabbing her 68 times.
She then called emergency services and told them that a robbery had taken place in the house and her sister had been murdered. 
When the ambulance arrived, Saima was already dead. Police originally followed up on the alleged burglary, but soon realised the sister was acting in a suspicious way.

Although Sabah originally denied the murder, at trial she changed her plea to guilty.

26th October 2017, as she pleaded guilty no jury trial was needed. Judge Christopher Moss QC, sentenced Sabah to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 22 years.

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