Robert France

Robert France
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceMarket Deeping
Kill DateApril 1983
VictimGillian Atkins-14

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Serial Killers
14th April 1983,  Robert  France murdered schoolgirl Gillian Atkins, aged-14, in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire.
He sexually assaulted her before bashing her over the head with a brick.

France confessed to killing Gillian accidentally, Whilst in prison awaiting trial, his solicitor received an anonymous letter claiming that France was not the murderer, but that the author had committed the offence. It also provided a sketch and a description of where he had left the brick with which he had killed her.

The handwriting was compared with that of France, but experts were unable to say that they matched. However a fingerprint was found on the letter, and using a newly developed laser technique for enhancing fingerprint detail, 16 identifying characteristics were found, proving that France had written the letter.

28th April 2010, after serving over 27-years, France is released from Prison on licence.

2nd October 2010, France raids a house in Peterborough, breaking in, in such a way that police suspected him. When caught he admitted the burglary.

11th March 2011, France was given a further five years in prison for breaching his release licence.


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