Peter Moore

Peter Moore - Wales Serial Killer
AKAMan in Black
OccupationTheatre Manager
Kill Total4
Kill PlaceWales
Kill DateSept - Dec 1995
VictimHenry Roberts, 56
Edward Carthy, 28
Keith Randles, 49
Anthony Davies, 40
CourtMould Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice Maurice Kay
ProsecutionAlex Carlisle QC
Trial DateDecember 1996

Peter Moore ran a theatre and cinema  in north Wales, apparently fixating on Jason Voorhies from the 'Friday the 13th' movie series.
He murdered and mutilated 4 men in 1995, the bodies found near small rural towns.

September 1995, Moore's first victim was Henry Roberts, aged-56, he was stabbed to death at his home in Anglesey.
Moore's next victim, was Edward Carthy, aged-28, who was stabbed and buried in a forest after meeting Peter Moore in a gay bar.

November 1995, Keith Randles, aged-49, a traffic safety manager, was similarly killed as he slept in his caravan at road works on the A5 in Anglesey.
Mr Randles had begged to know why he was being attacked after Moore dragged him from his caravan and started stabbing him. Moore had replied: "For fun." Moore later told police there was "a certain enjoyment" in the killing.

December 1995, The last man to die was Tony Davies, aged-40, a married father of two. He was stabbed at a beach near Abergele on the north Wales coast.

December 1996, At his trial, at Mould Crown Court, it was claimed that Moore attacked more than 50 other men in what the judge described as "20 years of terror". Moore claimed the killings were carried out by a fictitious homosexual lover named Jason, after the masked murderer from the Friday the 13th horror films.
He received four life sentences but the home secretary later recommended that he should never be released.
Moore was put on the home office list of whole life tariff prisoners, see list here >>

27th April 2000 At Leeds Crown Court  Moore listed property he claimed had been sold by two of his former friends after he was arrested.
Chester District Judge Charles Newman awarded Moore £12,842 damages for the loss of the possessions ranging from antique furniture, 900 cinema posters and jewellery to Wellington boots, cans of food and garden gnomes. He was also awarded costs.

Tuesday 17th January 2012, Moore loses his appeal to the European Court. His case, together with two other life prisoners was that, being sentenced to a whole life tariff was 'inhuman and degrading treatment'.

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