Paul Bristol

Paul Bristol
AKAFacebook Killer
OccupationIT Technician
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceBow, London
Kill DateApril 2009
VictimCamille Mathurasingh-27 
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeTimothy Pontius
ProsceutionSimon Denison QC
Case No:T20097120

27-year-old accountant, Camille Mathurasingh was working in Trinidad, when she met 25-year-old Paul Bristol, and a relationship started.

March 2008, After she returned to the UK they continued the relationship via phone and email. By early 2009 Miss Mathurasingh was unsure about the relationship and met someone new
She posted a picture of her new boyfriends and herself onto her Facebook profile. 
4,000 miles away over in Trinidad Paul Bristol was fuming. He booked a ticket within 2-weeks and headed to London.

Sunday 7th April 2009, Once in London he went to Camille's home in Bow, East London, and stabbed her 20-times.

Police said they caught up with Bristol when he ran away after a crash between his car and a  London black cab in east London.
When they stopped him he had blood all over his face and clothes and then admitted killing his girlfriend. He claimed he committed manslaughter through provocation.

Friday 5th March 2010, After just an hours deliberation the jury found Paul Bristol guilty of murder at the Old Bailey

Tuesday 9th March 2010,  Paul Bristol was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 25-years. 
Judge Pontius said, 'You could not accept that the life you had previously had gone.
'You were determined that no other man should replace you in her life.
'You attacked her with such repeated savagery and horrifying ferocity that it was your intention to kill her.'

Bristol is eligible for parole from March 2032.