Patrick MacKay

Patrick MacKay - Serial Killer
DOB25 Sept 1952
Kill Total5 - 12 ?
Kill PlaceLondon & Kent
Kill Date1974 - 75
VictimIsabella Griffiths,
Adele Price,
Anthony Crean
A young man that displayed violent and psychopathic tendencies from the age of 15 after the early death of his father at age 42. Mackay had suffered with the rest of his family at the hands of his drunken and very violent father.  He developed a reputation for being a bully at school, and begun to like torturing animals, including his own tortoise. A local woman reported having seen him pin birds to the road, and then stand watching, as cars ran over them. She also reports that he set a fire to an allotment shed, then called the fire brigade, and watched when they arrived.
He was in and out of approved schools and mental institutions,.He was fascinated by Hitler and surrounded himself in fascism, fascist books and memorabilia, he even crafted his own fascist uniform.

October 1968, he was committed to Moss Side Hospital, Liverpool as a diagnosed psychopath, in 1969 was declared a "potential psychopathic killer" by a home office psychiatrist.

1972, Released from hospital, Mackay adopted a new name Franklin Bollvolt the first. 

14th February 1974 he broke into the house of an old lady and stabbed her to death, the following year he again broke into a house this time strangling his 85-year-old widow victim.

21st March 1975 he attacked and stabbed an elderly priest that had befriended him, finishing him off by slashing his head with an axe. When investigating the murder of the priest, the police discovered his association with Mackay. When arrested Mackay was charged with 5 murders, although once in court only three of the murders were pursued, he was also questioned about a further 7 murders.

November 1975, At the old Bailey, 23 year old Patrick Mackay confessed to three murders and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

June 2020, It has been reported in the UK press that Mackay is currently being considered for release after allegedly spending time in an open prison. However, the hearing of the Parole Board has been postponed due to a fresh investigation into Mackay's involvement in unsolved murders.

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