Nicholas Ward

Wesley Atick
Kill Total
Kill PlaceGrantham
Kill Date14 Oct 2023
VictimTony McDermott-38
Lincoln Crown Court
JudgeSimon Hirst
ProsceutionSimon Ash KC
DefencePeter Joyce KC
Case No:
13th October 2023, In a shared house in Eton street Grantham, Lincolnshire, 37-year-old Nicholas Ward, and 36-year-old Tony McDermott had an evening of alcohol and drugs. 

14th October 2023, by 12:30am Ward had accused McDermott of stealing his work tablet and one belonging to his daughter. 
A 999 call was made by another resident of the Eton Street property at 04:21am. The witness stated he found one of his housemates covered in blood and not breathing.
Tony McDermott died at the scene from his injuries.
police later recovered the tablets in a bag belonging to Ward, McDermott had never had them.

16th October 2023, at 5:02am Ward was charged with murder.

31st October 2023, an inquest was opened into the death of Tony McDermott. The cause of death was the consequences of a sustained assault including sharp force injury, the Coroner's Court said.

Monday 15th April 2024, Trial starts at Lincoln Crown court, the  jury of five men and seven women was sworn in. Ward denied murder. Jurors heard that Mr McDermott died from heavy blood loss after one of the stab wounds went all the way through his left leg.

Friday 26th April 2024, Nicholas Ward found guilty, a jury at Lincoln Crown Court unanimously found Ward guilty of murder.

Thursday 2nd may 2024, sentencing at Lincoln Crown court. Ward was sentenced to life imprisonment. He must serve a minimum term of 21 years behind bars.

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