Michael Shorey

Kill Total2
Kill PlaceHollaway, London
Kill DateJuly 1990
VictimElaine Forsyth Patricia Morrison
CourtThe Old Bailey
Case No:T2016

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Serial Killers
Shorey was famously the boyfriend of British actress Sandy Ratcliff, who played the character Sue Osman, in the TV soap opera  Eastenders,

22nd July 1990, Shorey lived in a basement flat in Grenville Road, with girlfriend Elaine Forsyth and her friend Patricia Morrison. On this night they argued after Elaine threw him out.
Later neighbours reported hearing noises but assumed it was the two girls arguing.
Shorey strangled Elaine with a handbag strap, he then lay in wait for Patricia to come home, whom he then strangled with a curtain tie.
Shorey removed the bloodstained carpet from the flat, which he wrapped in plastic, later delivering it to a friend to look after for him.
He then put the two girls into a stolen car, a Toyota Corolla. One in the front seat and one in the back, both propped up. He drove the car to Spears Road, Holloway, and abandoned the car. a passers-by notified police of the suspicious situation in Spears Road about 36-hours later.
When the friend with the carpet heard the news he called police, who obviously were able to identify the blood. On arresting Michael Shorey they also discovered the girls blood on his shoes.

Shorey had an alibi, on the nigh in question he was in bed at the home of Eastenders actress Sandy Ratcliff, this was later proved to be not the case.

3rd July 1991, At the Old Bailey, Shorey was found guilty of murdering the two girls.
Sandy Ratcliff committed perjury, by giving Shorey an alibi, claiming they were making love at the time of the murders.
Shorey was given 2 life sentences.

Thursday 19th June 1993, Shorey appealed to the high court against his sentience, his right to appeal was denied.


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