Michael Lupo

Mark Rowntree
AKAWolf Man of London
Kill Total4
Kill PlaceLondon
Kill DateMar - Apr 1986
VictimAlex Kasson
Anthony Connolly
Damien McClusky

This former choir boy served in an Italian elite army commando unit before dedicating his life to sadomasochism and hairdressing.

1975 Lupo moved to London where he started off as a hairdresser and worked his way up to owning a styling boutique. He also racked up about 4,000 gay lovers and developed a taste for the whip and built a modern torture chamber in his house. It all turned nasty in March 1986 when Lupo was diagnosed with having AIDS.
After this diagnosis he started his bloody rampage against the gay scene of London. Over a period of two months he slaughtered four men who he picked up in gay bars and left their bodies slashed and smeared with excrement.

15th March 1986,  37-year-old Alex Kasson was found murdered in a derelict flat in Kensington, London. Lupo strangled him with a sock.

6th April 1986, Anthony Connolly aged-24, was found murdered on a railway embankment in Brixton. He had been strangled to death with the same sock from the previous murder.
Because Connolly had been sharing a flat with a man who was HIV positive, there was a long delay between the discovery of the body and the post mortem because the coroner wanted to make sure Connolly was not himself infected with HIV.

18th May 1986, Lupo was arrested. and charged with 2 murders, Anthony Connolly and Alex Kasson.

21st may 1986, Lupo charged with 2 further murders.

Hospital worker  Damien McClusky, who had been strangled in West London, and an unidentified man, who was murdered near Hungerford Bridge over the Thames. In addition to these four murders, Lupo was also charged with two attempted murders .

July 1987, at the Old Bailey, Lupo pleaded guilty to all charges and was given 4 life sentences, plus 14 years

Police in Berlin, Hamburg, Los Angeles and New York were investigating mutilation deaths that might be linked to Lupo's travels in the eighties.

February 1995, Lupo died in Frankland prison in County Durham, from an AIDS related illness.

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