Mark Meadows & Travis Gorton
With Louise Grieve

Stephen Grimwood
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceBanbury
Kill DateAug 1995
VictimKieth Green-40
CourtOxford Crown Court
JudgeIan Pringle KC
ProsecutionVanessa Marshall KC
DefenceChristopher Donnellan KC
Case No:43SP0061722

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Serial Killers

Louise Grieve and Mark Meadows had struck up a sexual relationship in 2021 which led to heated arguments between Meadows and Louise Grierves' then partner, Keith Green, 

Sunday 13th February 2022, Meadows and Gorton, both armed with knives, lay in wait for Mr Green after they had returned from the pub to Louise Grieve and Keith Green's home in Banbury Oxfordshire, The two men attacked Kieth, he was stabbed at least eight times in a 'vicious attack".

Monday 14th February 2022

18th February 2022, charged

6th January 2023, Mark Meadows was jailed for life with a minimum term of 23-years while his half-brother, Travis Gorton, was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 17-years behind bars.
Mr Green's partner, 38-year-old Louise Grieve, was jailed for eight years for manslaughter.

An unnamed teenager girl has been sentenced


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