Lee Peacock

Lee Peacock
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceLondon
Kill DateAug 1995
VictimSharon Pickles-46, Clinton Ashmore-59
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeMr Justice Murray
ProsecutionEdward Brown KC
Case No:43SP0061722

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Serial Killers
4th June 2021, Peacock is freed from prison on licence, at the automatic halfway point of a 40-month sentence for aggravated burglary. 
Peacock was under supervision of probation services

18th August 2021, Peacock attacked partner Sharon Pickles, stabbing her in the neck.

19th August 2021, Peacock's turned up at his fathers house. His father called the police to tell them his son had visited him and confessed to being a killer.

Police went round to Ms Pickles' home in Marylebone, central London, and found her body wrapped up in a duvet, and hidden under a bed, with a signed confession by Peacock attached.
In the note, Peacock said that Ms Pickles was "meant to live" and he had sworn "revenge" against those who took advantage while he was in jail.

19th August 2021, Later that same day, Peacock was seen on CCTV walking with Mr Ashmore towards his Westminster flat, then leaving alone 15-minutes later.
Mr Ashmore was found dead by friends two hours later. 
Both victims died from similar knife wounds to the neck

24th August 2021,  after a five day manhunt, Peacock turned the 4cm-long knife on himself when police tracked him down to a houseboat, police restrained him before he could hurt himself further.
More notes confessing to the murders and explaining the reasons for them were found in his pocket.

Tuesday 31st January 2023, At the Old Bailey in London, Peacock admitted the double killing, but denied it was murder, instead claiming Ms Pickles' death was an accident and that Mr Ashmore had punched him after he confessed to killing her.
Peacock is found guilty

Wednesday 1st February 2023, Peacock is sentenced to life with a minimum term of 39-years behind bars. Peacock refused to attend for sentencing, the judges comments will be given to him in writing in his prison cell.

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