Karl Bishop

Karl Bishop
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceSidcup, Kent
Kill Date24 May 2008
VictimRobert Knox-18
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeMr Justice Bean
ProsecutionBrian Altman QC
DefenceIan Bourne QC
Case No:T20087208
Serial Killers

Saturday 24th May 2008, 18-year-old Rob Knox, who played the part of Marcus Belby in the film 'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince', and who had been promised a part in the next Harry Potter film. was stabbed in a fight outside the Metro Bar, Sidcup, Kent, in the early hours of the morning.
Rob had stepped in to help his 17-year-old brother. Jamie, who had got involved in an argument. 

Known trouble maker Karl Bishop was arguing outside the bar, but was outnumbered. He left the scene, went home, and returned with 2 knives. A large crowd gathered, and a fight ensued, Bishop was thrashing the knives about, Rob Knox was stabbed 5-times  and five others were injured, one man was stabbed in the neck that left him with permanent spinal damage.

Karl Bishop was under police investigation at the time for a robbery and burglary but had not been arrested. The Metropolitan police subsequently disciplined two officers and changed its procedures as a result of this incident. 

A post-mortem examination held at the Royal Princess Hospital, Farnborough, revealed that Mr Knox died of internal bleeding as a result of 5-stab wounds.
Karl Bishop  appeared at the local magistrates court charged with the murder, and with wounding five others. He was remanded in custody to appear at Crown court.

Wednesday 4th March 2009, Karl Bishop appeared at the Old Bailey, in London, and was convicted of murder.  

Giving evidence at the trial, Bishop said he had been "very angry" as a child and attended anger management courses.  He was expelled from school and began getting into trouble with the police for criminal damage from the age of about 14, he said. 
Prosecutor, Brian Altman described Bishop as a person who "carries knives like others carry pens in their pockets"

Thursday 5th March 2009, Bishop was sentenced to life in prison with a recommendation he serve a minimum 20 years, h
e was also given three other life sentences for wounding Knox's friends in the attack. Judge Mr Justice Bean said" Your lack of regret, let alone remorse was truly chilling".

The Knox family has since set up The Rob Knox Foundation to help young people get into acting,

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