Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw

Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceLondon
Kill DateMarch 2015
VictimJanet Muller - 21
CourtGuildford Crown Court 
JudgeMr Justice Jeremy Stuart-Smitt

Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw, has previous convictions for blackmail and harassment.

February 2015, Janet Muller was seen at a bus stop, wearing only a nightdress. She had exhibited signs of distress in the lead-up to this moment when she had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and admitted to Mill View, a hospital in Hove for adults with mental health conditions.
12th March 2015, A little over a week after this, Janet Muller escaped the hospital and disappeared, the hospital reported her missing. Police began a search.

March 2015, Ms Muller's beaten and burned body was found in the boot of a Volkswagen Jetta which Jeffrey-Shaw had dumped. Police discovered the car had been hired in a woman's name, on investigation they discovered it was her boyfriend, Jeffery-Shaw who hired the car, they moved in to arrest him. 

17th March 2015 Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw was charged with murder.

In court he admitted setting fire to the car but denied it was murder, he claimed he did not know that Ms Muller was in the car at the time.
He told the court he had been involved with a gang of drug dealers who borrowed his hire car for a robbery which went wrong, they then allegedly ordered him to set fire to the vehicle.

When sentencing Jeffrey-Shaw, the judge, Mr Justice Jeremy Stuart-Smith, said: "The only difference between you and a murderer is an extremely thin line."

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