Bobby & Gary Ternent

2 May 1989
15 Dec 1962
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceDagenham
Kill DateSept 2020
M.O.Ran over
VictimJohn Avers-47
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeAnne Molyneux
ProsceutionWilliam Jones QC
Case No:
32-year-old Bobby Ternent had an argument with his friend John Avers over money. Bobby Ternent alleged that John Avers asked him to look after £40,000 for him, but when the money was returned the money was short, Bobby denied this.

13th September 2020,  the father and son duo picked up Mr Avers in a sporty BMW X6, and drove him to an Iceland car park in Whalebone Lane South, Dagenham, Essex. 
Bobby Ternent, was at the wheel, with his father Gary Ternent having thrown Mr Avers out of the car, Gary then held John Avers down on the ground in front of the car, John Avers was then run over by bobby, then Bobby spun the car around and ran over him for a second time.
Gary Ternent then went to join his son in the car, they then ran their victim over a third time, and a fourth time.
They then seem to have been satisfied that they had done enough damage to Me Avers, and drove away, leaving John Avers dying from the injuries they caused him, they drove home.
The whole incident happened in front of witnesses and was caught on CCTV.
The men went home, with Bobby changing his clothes and setting fire to his BMW, that had false number plates.

Witness called police as the car drove off, police arrived about five minutes later, and found John in a large pool of blood, he had suffered a large number of very serious injuries. 
Despite the best efforts of police, along with paramedics and London’s Air Ambulance, John was pronounced dead at the scene at 00:22hrs, 14th December.

A post-mortem examination ruled that John died from multiple injuries. He was crushed by the car and suffered many fractures to his skull, sternum, pelvis and his left-thigh bone. Some 22 of his 24 ribs were fractured and also resulted in six separate penetrating wounds to his lungs. He also had injuries to his heart and liver.

18th September 2020,When questioned by police Bobby Ternent admitted to running over john Avers.He was arrested and charged with murder.

21st September 2020, Gary was arrested at a Guest house in Southend.

5th January 2022, Trial opens at The Old Bailey ion London, both Gary & Bobby Ternent accused of murdering John Averts in September 2020.

28th January 2022, 32-year-old Bobby Ternent, and his father, 59-year-old Gary Ternent are found guilty of murdering Mr John Avers.

10th February 2022, Sentencing at The Old Bailey in London.

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