Amrit Jhagra

Amrit Jhagra
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceDoncaster
Kill DateJan 2022
VictimJanis Kozlovskis-17; 
Ryan Theobald-17
CourtSheffield Crown Court
JudgeMr Justice Choudhury
ProsecutionRichard Thyme KC
Case No:T20227076

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Serial Killers

29th January 2022, friends, 17-year-old Janis Kozlovskis and 20-year-old Ryan Theobald had gotten involved in argument after they left CoCo nightclub, on Silver Street, with friends when Janis Kozlovskis approached one of Jhagra’s two friends and they began fighting and moved to High Street, Doncaster.
Ryan Theobald also threw a punch at Jhagra’s friend and after Jhagra swung at Ryan Theobald he chased Jhagra but was stabbed.

Amrit Jhagra, agerd-19, got involved in the disagreement, and fatally stabbed Janis Kozlovskis and Ryan Theobald in the early hours of the morning. 
Jhagra, who was the only person at the scene to be armed, he first stabbed Mr Theobald, inflicting injuries including a 13-15cm deep wound in the victim’s chest which penetrated the heart and lung. Mr Theobald died at the scene.
Jhagra then repeatedly stabbed Mr Kozlovskis, who died in hospital having suffered injuries including a 10-12 cm deep stab wound to the chest as well as wounds to the neck, armpit, abdomen and knee.

6th October 2022,  at Sheffield Crown Court, Amrit Jhagra was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 24-years for two counts of murder.

His sentence was referred to the Court of Appeal as Unduly Lenient.

20th December 2022, the Court of Appeal quashed Jhagra’s original sentence and handed down a new sentence of a life imprisonment with a minimum term of 26-years behind bars.

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