Michael Chidgey

Sabah Khan
OccupationCoach Driver
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceTamworth
Kill DateAug 2002
M.O.Beating & Strangulation
VictimHeather Tell
CourtStafford Crown Court 
JudgeMr Justice Poole 
Case No:
Micheal Chidgey was a known sex offender. Chidgey had ten previous indecent exposure convictions dating back to the early 1970s, and had been jailed for attempted rape, as well as making a series of indecent phone calls in the days leading up to Heather's death.

August 2000, Heather Tell  found dead in undergrowth in Belgrave, Tanworth., she had gone out to meet friends to go to the cinema.
Records showed she had tried to make a desperate call for help to her father Peter as the attacker ambushed her, but the handset was ripped from her hands and smashed.
The 17-year-old dancer had been strangled by her own shoelace and her mobile phone was found lying nearby.  Forensic tests showed she had not been raped, but, experts claimed the killing bore all the hallmarks of a sex crime.

18-year-old Lindsey Chidgey had suspicion about her father, and confided in work friends, who then called the police, Chidgey was arrested.

Local coach driver Michael Chidgey was later convicted and jailed after being found guilty of her murder.

December 2001, Chidgey, aged-46 found guilty by a majority verdict of 11-1 at Stafford Crown Court.
The Judge, Mr Justice poole, sentenced him to life, saying, "You have inflicted an untold pain on her family and friends. I know now that you present a serious and continuing danger to women wherever you might be. You will go to prison for life."

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