Ben Geen

Jesse McDonald
Kill Total2
Kill PlaceBanbury
Kill Date2003-04
VictimAnthony Bateman-66
David Onley-75
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeMark Dennis QC
ProsecutionMark heywood QC
Case No:T20187089

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A&E at Horton General, a small hospital in Banbury in Oxfordshire 

6th January 2004

23rd January 2004, An internal investigation was launched by the hospital after a 42-year-old diabetic alcoholic man arrived on a Thursday afternoon complaining of abdominal pains. Within hours he was fighting for breath, put on a life support machine and later died. It was the second time that day that a patient appeared to suffer an unexpected respiratory arrest.

9th February 2004,  Ben Geen was arrested, as he arrived for a night shift. He was called into a meeting, he had a syringe in his jacket pocket and discharged its contents into its lining. The prosecution later alleged in court that the man whose death sparked the investigation tested for two of the drugs (vecuronium and midazolam) that were in the syringe.

Altogether 18 patients suffered unexplained respiratory arrests while staff nurse Ben Geen was on duty at Horton Green General Hospital between December 2003 to February 2004, including two who died – Anthony Bateman, 66, and David Onley, 75. Geen has always protested his innocence

At Oxford crown Court, Geen denied the murder of David Onley, aged-77, between 20th & 23rd January 2004 and Anthony Bateman, aged-67, on 6th January 2004.

He also denies 18 charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to 18 patients between December 4 2003 and February 5 2004.

18th April 2006, Geen is jailed for life, with a minimum term of 30-years.

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