Paul Taylor
with Michael Barton

Damilola Taylor
Kill Total1
Kill PlaceLiverpool
Kill Date30 July 2005
VictimAnthony Walker - 18
29th July 2005 Anthony Walker was attacked while escorting his girlfriend, 17-year-old Louise Thompson, to a bus stop in the Huyton area of Merseyside, Liverpool. He was attacked after a barrage of name calling, and racist abuse, Anthony tried to walk away from the youths.

November 2005, Paul Taylor admitted inflicting a fatal blow to Anthony's head with an ice axe.
Michael Barton, who denied the killing, was charged with supplying the weapon and starting the confrontation which led to Anthony's death.

Passing life sentences on Taylor and Barton, with minimum terms of 23 years and eight months for Taylor, 17 years and eight months for Barton, Lord Justice Leverson said that the two cousins had perpetrated a "terrifying ambush" and a "racist attack of a type poisonous to any civilised society"

April 2006, Reported that Barton attacked by fellow inmates in prison