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this section covers those that have killed only once or twice

We have on average over 750 murders every year in the UK, it is not possible   for us to feature them all. We highlight those most horrible of crimes and those that receive huge public attention, or have a level of intrigue.  If there is a case you want to see here please let us know Here.  (Listed in alphabetic order.)

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David Oakes 2011 Christine & Shania Chambers
Karl Oakley 2009 Taylor Burrows
Ikechukwu Obih 2007 Jon Henry
Nicholas Olu 2008 Robert Spence
Ahmad Otak 2012 Kimberley Frank & Samantha Sykes
Jay O'Neill 2009 James Alford
Rajinder Pall 1988 Mohan Beri
Malcolm Palmer 2008 Carol Cannon
Gordon Park 1976 Wife - Carol Park
John Parr 1900 Sarah Willett
Thanos Papalexis 2000 Charalambos Christodoulides
Robin Pask 1992 Dr Elizabeth Howe
Ronald Pattinson 2003 Natalie Ruddick
Tony Paul 2008 Michael Jones
Michael Pech 2005 Claire Bernal
Alan Pennell 2004 Luke Walmsley
Dr Samuel Perera 1983 Daughter - Philomena Perera
Colin Pitchfork 1983-86 Lynda Mann, Dawn Ashworth
Vitas Plytnykas 2008 Jolanta Bledaite
Gunther Podola 1959 Ds Raymond Purdy
Kenneth Power 2008 Ross Davidson
Adrian Prout 2007 Wife - Kate Prout
Peter Queen 1931 Chrissie Gall
Michael Queripel 1955 Elizabeth Currell
William Quinn 1975 Stephen Tibble
Satpal Ram 1986 Clarke  Pearce
Daniel Raven 1949 Leopold & Esther Goodman
Zakarya Rezaie 2008 Rabina Bibi
George Rice 1930 Constance Inman
Harry Roberts 1966
Kevan Roberts 1997 Thomas Mitchell
Elijah Richards 1941 Jane Turner
Arthur Rouse 1930 unknown man
Buck Ruxton 1935 Wife - Isabella & Mary Rogerson
Mohammed Sanoh 2007 Michael Dosunmu

Jennifer Shelton


Mother - Bertha Martin

Craig Shepard 2003 Natalie Mills
Harinder Shoker 2011 Gagandip Singh
Michael Shorey 1990
Thomas Simmons 1807 Mrs.Warner, Mrs. Hammerston
Christopher Simcox 1948 & 1964 Hilda Payton & Wife
Alisdair Sinclair 2008 Wife - Sally Sinclair
Angus Sinclair 1961,1978 Catherine Reehill, Mary Gallagher
Anthony Sinclair 1978 Paul Kingsley
Lakhvir Kaur Singh 2009

Lakhvinder Cheema,Gurjeet Choongh

George Shotton 1919 Wife - Mamie Stuart
Andrew Smith 2007 Asaf Mahmood Ahmed
Derek Smith 2007 Wife - Carolyn Smith
GARY SMITH 1999 & 2013 Ali Hassan Subhan Anwar
Michael Smith 1975 & 2007 Sheila Deakin - Peter Summers
Danno Sonnex 2008 Laurent Bonomo & Gabriel Ferez
Stephen Sorton 2007 Gary Mewlove
Micharl Steele


Tony Tucker, Craig Rolfe, Pat tate
Alan Stead 2002 Wife - Anita Stead
Albert & Alfred Stratton 1905 Thomas Farrow
Michael Stone 1998 Lin Russell, Megan Russell
David Summers   2006 Diane Edweards
Patrick Sureda 2000 Mother - Geraldine
Adam Swellings 2007 Gary Newlove
Vincent Tabak 2010 Jo Yeates
Alan Taylor 2006 John Morrison
Karl Taylor 2007 Kate Beagley
Paul Taylor 2005 Anthony Walker
Matthew Thomas 2003 Collette Magee
Robert Thomson 2008 Ryan & Michelle Thomson
Edith Thompson 1922 Percy Thompson
David Tiley 2007 Sarah Merritt, Susan Hale
Elias Torr 1899 Daughter - Margaret
Simon Turner 2007 Gerry Tobin
Robert Vest 1878 William J Wallace
Martin Vinall 1868 David Baldey
Douglas Vinter 1996 - 2008 Wife Ann & Robert Eden
Tony Virasami 2008 Kevin Tripp
Marvin Walker 2008 Shane Owoo
Karen Walsh 2008 Marie Rankin
Heather Wardle 2008 Son - James Hughes
Alfred Whiteway 1953 Barbara Songhurst, Christine Reed
Garry Weddell 2007 Wife - Sandra Weddell, mother-in-law
Richard Whelan 1994 Amy Shepard, Mary Kilbride
Maxine Williams 2008 Bernard Evans
Ernest Wright 1971 & 2009 Trevor Hale & Neville Corby










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