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Kill Total:


Kill place:

Retrtendon,. Essex

Kill date:

December 1006


Tony Tucker
Craig Rolfe
Pat Tate

Date of Birth:

Marital Status:


Range Rover Murders

Rettendon Two


Drug Dealers

November 1995, A very famous case that made headlines the world over. That of Leah Betts. She had brought and died after taking ecstasy. The relevance to this case is that the drug had been purchased from the drug gang led by Tony Tucker.

6th December 1995,  Tucker, Rolfe, and Tate were drug dealers, this night the were shot dead in their range rover in a quiet lane in Essex.

The following morning the scene was discovered by local farmer Peter Theobald. 

What follows is an attempt to publish the truth, there are confessions and lies, and telling who did what is near impossible.

January 1996, Fellow gang member Darren Nicholls confesses to being the getaway driver and names Steele and Whomes as the killers., Nicholls was charged by the police with importing cannabis, but in lieu of turning Queen's evidence, he walked free.

Also in January 1996 East end gangster Billy Japsper was arrested for armed robbery, he too confessed to being the getaway driver. Police never belived Jasper, he wass not charged in connection with the murders.

May 1996, Michael Steele & Jack Whomes are charged with murder.

January 1998, Steele and Whomes are convicted of murder at the Old Bailey in London. Nicholls claimed he was unaware of why he was driving and what the purpose of the trip was.

September 2000, Steele and Whomes  case has been referred to the Criminal Cases review commission. Steele's solicitor claim that the testimony of Nicholls is unsafe and therefore there is no case.

2006, Judges rejected an appeal by Steele and Whomes who still protest thier innocence, claiming they were set up, this being a miscarriage of justice.

November 2007, Solicitor Chris Bowen reporting to the  criminal cases review claimed he had new evidence that "Would blow the case apart".

Court    -    The old Bailey

Judge    -    Mr Justice Hidden

The story of one of ganglands most famous case was made into a film,, "Essex Boys" sta\ring actor Sean Bean.,



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