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Angus Robertson Sinclair


Worlds End Murders


Kill Total: 4 + ?

Kill date:

1961,1977 & 1978

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Catherine Rehill         Mary Gallagher Christine Eadie Helen Scott,


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2nd  Trial


Edinburgh High
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Lord Clarke


Alan McKay



3rd  Trial


Edinburgh High
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Lord Clarke


Frank Mulholland





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1959, Sinclair's first brush with the law was when he was 13 when he stole from a Glasgow church. He received 12 months' prob+ation for the crime, committed.
Later that year Sinclair appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on a housebreaking charge, for which he was later found innocent.

1961 Sinclair's life of crime took a new twist when he was found guilty of lewd behaviour against an eight-year-old girl, he was given three years' probation
Seven months into that probationary period he murdered for the first time.


1961, Catherine Reehill was eight years old in 1961, when Sinclair sexually assaulted and strangled her at his home.

He threw her body down a stairwell and told the little girl's mother that the death had been an accident.

After being questioned by detectives Sinclair confessed to culpable homicide and was sentenced to 10 years in jail.


While in Edinburgh's Saughton Prison serving his sentence for Catherine's murder, he trained as a painter and decorator.

1970 he married trainee nurse Sarah McCulloch in Edinburgh and two years later they had a son Gary whom they brought up in Glasgow.


15th October 1977, Two young 17-year-old girls are murdered, in what became known as 'The Worlds End' Murders. They became one of the UK's most high profile unsolved murders ever. It was not until some 37 years later i  n 2014 that the killer was bought to justice. (See below)

A busy Saturday night and the two seventeen-year-old girls, Christine Eadie and Helen Scott were seen leaving The Worlds End pub at closing time.

The next morning, Christine's naked body was discovered in Gosford Bay, East Lothian, by people out walking. Helen's body was found unclothed six miles away, in a corn-stubble field. Both girls had been beaten, gagged, tied, raped and then strangled.

No attempt had been made to conceal their bodies.

Despite a huge investigation police were stumped and the case went cold.


1980 Sinclair had a short spell in prison for illegally possessing a .22 calibre revolver and ammunition. Police investigations found he had committed a string of indecent assaults and rapes against boys and girls aged between eight and 11.


1982 he pleaded guilty to 11 charges and was sentenced to life in prison.


2000, Police did a cold case review of the unsolved murder of Mary Gallagher, which had happened in November 1978.
She had been dragged into bushes, sexually assaulted, had had her throat cut and had a ligature round her neck.
Among the forensic files there was a sample of semen which was DNA tested and showed a profile matching Sinclair's.

June 2001 He was convicted of the murder of Mary Gallagher, and received a further life sentence.


October 2006, Sinclair appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh accused of raping and murdering Christine Eadie and Helen Scott, the Worlds end killings. The charges alleged he acted with his brother-in-law Gordon Hamilton who died in 1996.


27th August 2007, The trial begins at the high court in Edinburgh,

10th September 2007, trial collapses.

Sinclair had denied attacking and killing 17-year-olds Christine Eadie and Helen Scott in what became known as the World's End murders case.

Judge Lord Clarke said the Crown had insufficient evidence to proceed.

November 2014, At a new trial at Edinburgh High Court, Sinclair is found guilty of 'Worlds end' murders. He was sentenced to 37 years in prison, the highest sentence ever given out by a Scottish court. This means he would be 107-yeaers-old before being considered for parole

Police suspect Sinclair of killing another four young girls, maybe more.



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