Kenneth Regan
with William Horncy & Peter Rees

  • Kenneth Regan Mass Murder
  • William Horncy
AKAKen Avery
Kill Total5
Kill PlaceWiltshire & Devon
Kill DateFebruary 2003
M.O.Suffocation / Strangulation
VictimAmarjit Chohan
Nancy Chohan - 24
Ravinder Chohan - 18 months
Devinder Chohan - 8 weeks
Charanjit Kaur - 51
CourtThe Old Bailey
JudgeSir Stephen Mitchell
ProsceutionRichard Hoewell
DefencePaul Mendelle
Case No:

1997, Regan was a heroin smuggler, living the high life. He wore tailor made clothes, drove a Mercedes, and gave friends  expensive Cartier watches.

1998, Regan was arrested as part of a major police drug offensive, he was caught with 30kg of heroin.
He turned supper grass, giving police many details about felloe drug smugglers.
As a consequence of his cooperation he served only four years in prison.

July 2002, Once out of prison he had to hide away, he changed his Name from Avery to Regan by deed-poll,  there were various gangland contracts out on his life. He missed the high life, and hatched a plan to steal a business..

January 2003, Regan tries to organise a £3m deal involving land near Heathrow airport which Amarjit Chohan had an option to buy. claiming he had Dutch backers who wanted to buy the firm, he became a regular visitor at the offices.
When this falls through Regan begins to target Mr Chohan's haulage company Ciba Freight, which is near London's Heathrow airport.

13th February 2003, Mr Chohan was invited to a business meeting at Stonehenge and told his workforce: ‘I’m off to do a deal.’. He was never seen alive again.
He is there abducted by Regan, Horncy and Peter Rees and taken back to Regan's father's home near Salisbury, Wiltshire
The millionaire businessman was then held at Regan's temporary home at his fathers house  in Forge Close, Wilton, near Salisbury, Wilts, where he was tortured,

The businessman was gagged, forced to record voice messages for his family and  to sign a letter handing over his entire business to Regan. Unknown to Regan at the time, Mr Chohan had managed to write a note, dated the 12th February, the note written to Regan was only found after the body was found, but this proved a piece of incriminating evidence against Regan.
Regan had planned to make people think Mr Chohan had given up his freight business and gone abroad voluntarily, with his family.

15th February 2003, With Rees guarding Mr Chohan, Regan and Horncy travelled to London, and talked their way into Mr Chohan's home.
They killed his wife Nancy, her young sons Ravinder and Devinder and her mother Charanjit Kaur. They then hired a van, and removed all the bodies to the West Country.

17th February 2003, Regan arrived at Mr Chohan's company - CIBA Freight with a handwritten letter from Mr Chohan and a power of attorney for the running of the company, the employees became very suspicious.
19th February 2003, A close friend of Regan's, was Belinda Brewin. Belinda 43, was the ex PR executive and former best friend of Paula Yates, the late wife of Bob Geldolf.
Regan was besotted with her and wanted the glamorous divorcee to be the front for the takeover of CIBA Freight.
Coincidentally, she had 50 acres of land at Great Coleford House at Stoodleigh near Tiverton in Devon – a perfect place to bury a body.
She was unwittingly manipulated into helping out.  Unknown to her Regan used her 50 acre estate, to secretly bury the five bodies of the Chohan family.

March 2003, pressure from Chohan family members about the families disappearance mounted, and the case was referred to Scotland Yard.

19th April 2003,  (Easter Saturday):  Regan goes into a state of panic by the progress of the police investigation, fearing they will soon learn of the farm in Devon, he returns with Horncy and Rees and digs up the five bodies.
Ms. Brewin became suspicious, she arrived back at the farm in Devon and found Regan, Horncy and Rees working on a drainage ditch in her field.

20th April 2003, The men then buy a boat and dump all the bodies in the English channel.

April 2003, Mr Chohan's body was found floating in the sea near Bournemouth pier. When his body was found, it was obvious he had been restrained. He had been gagged with packing tape. Also a urine sample showed an unusually high level of gammahydroxybutyrate - a drug more commonly known as GHB, which can be used as a sedative.
15th July 2003,  Mrs. Chohan's body was recovered in the same area.

2nd August 2003, Regan had been on the run, but police caught up with him, they tracked him from Spain, and arrested him in a campsite in Belgium.
7th September 2003, the body of Charanjit Kaur was found floating in a bay off the Isle Of Wight.
The bodies of the two boys have never been recovered

September 2003, Horncy gives himself up to police in Dover.

8th November 2004, All three men go on trial for murder and kidnapping.

Friday 1st  July 2005, Regan and Horncy are convicted of five murders. Rees is convicted of Mr Chohan's murder and of assisting an offender, but cleared of the other four murder charges

Tuesday 5th July 2005, sentencing the three men to life imprisonment, the judge told Regan and Horncy they should never be released and Rees will have to serve at least 23 years in prison.
The murder investigation, thought to be the longest involving the Metropolitan police, at the time, cost more than £10m

Regan and Horncy are on the Home Office list of 'Whole life tariff' prisoners; NEVER to be released click here >>

30 June 2016 Kenneth Regan and William Horncy are believed to have been "directly involved" in Michael Schallamach's murder, police said in a new appeal.

Mr Schallamach, 53, from Bitterne, Southampton, went missing in April 1992.

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